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Many "How to Start a Business" guides point to static tools of business development like the business model canvas and business plan. Vibrantcreator has taken the best of traditional start-up tools and turned it into an actionable working partner. implemented it into features that simplify and effectivize the process of creating a coherent business model and a strategic roadmap going forward. Through features like "Verify assumption" and documentation collecting data from one layer of your business model to another Vibrantcreator promotes coherency and validation from an early stage

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Step by Step plan

When building a house you have to start with the foundation before adding the carrying structure. You need a carrying structure in order to add the roof. The rest follows. Similarly the entrepreneurial journey also requires you to go step-by-step which is why we incorporated the three-step process in our platform. Vibrantcreator seeks to enable our users to onboard the platform from their current stage of development, whether they are at idea stage, at the start-up stage or if they are an already established business. The three-step model approach to entrepreneurship makes Vibrantcreator a more dynamic working tool that will actually grow with your company.

Business plan, Marketplan, Slide presentations ++

Focus on your business while Vibrantcreator generates automatically a business plan, marketplan, Pitchdeck and different slide presentations to share with your key stakeholders! One of the key outputs on Vibrantcreator is ability to provide you all the essential aspects of your business in real time and save you from all the hussle. With Vibrantcreator you only need to focus purely on building your business while it generates automatically everything you need. Not to mention also, the process of building your business is gamified and setup in a collaborative form so that you and your team can have fun and be engaged while you are at it! Lastly, Vibrantcreator allows you to share all the outputs externally with one click


Driving with a GPS will show you the suggested route and give you an estimated time of arrival, but it will not shout at you for not making the right turn. It will simply reroute and keep helping you reach your destination. Our new timeline feature seeks to replicate the GPS in this function through enabling you to have multiple active timelines that are tied to different scenarios. We at Vibrantcreator know that the entrepreneurial journey is unpredictable and often subject to change. This is why we incorporated the “scenarios” feature which allows you to sketch multiple timelines that could be realistic given a certain set of conditions. If your original timeline relies on securing funding in year 2 quarter 4, but you are unable to obtain this funding, the “no-funding” or “less funding” timeline will be activated.

Pitch Deck

As an entrepreneur you should always have an updated pitch deck to send to potential funders whenever you get the chance. But we know that keeping the pitch deck constantly updated is a lo of work on top of everything else. That's why Vibrantcreator automatically generates updated pitch decks for your business, so you don't have to!

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