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Many "How to Start a Business" guides point to static tools of business development like the business model canvas and business plan. Vibrantcreator has taken the best of traditional start-up tools and implemented it into features that simplify and effectivize the process of creating a coherent business model and a strategic roadmap going forward. Through features like "Verify assumption" and collecting data from one layer of your business model to another Vibrantcreator promotes coherency and validation from an early stage.

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A modern approach

Building a business without using Vibrantcreator is like biking a unicycle. It requires more training, more focus, more skill than a regular bike and it still will not move forward as fast.

What Vibrantcreator can do for you

  • Help you apply existing business expertise
  • Record and track data and information and progress from an early stage
  • Facilitate collaboration and co-creation within your team
  • Structure your input and improve your output
  • Improve your network in global and local ecosystems
  • Provide your ability to access and share information relevant to your ecosystems
  • Automate working processes related to business and market plan


We provide a roadmap to success based on validated knowledge

Vibrantcreator is an online platform that collects and applies evidence based theory of business development to the actual working tool through a new and innovative approach to business model building and development. The tool that Vibrantcreator represents is an application of knowledge contained in business development literature, system dynamics and among others resource based theory and network effects. By codifying and embedding theoretical knowledge in our tool Vibrantcreator makes already existing expertise applicable for entrepreneurs and managers regardless of their prior knowledge of business development, and furthermore relieves overworked entrepreneurs of sifting through endless pages of information to find the answers to simple questions.

In your opinion, which parts of the entrepreneurial process would you like to see being partially or completely automated?

Vibrant Future hero image